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Martin Åberg

Martin is a sound designer and music producer specializing in low-frequency base sculpturing, with a love for atmospheric drones and mixing. 
With a bachelor in Music in Game Development from the University of Skövde and a Master's Degree from the Royal College of Music in Music Production, he’s been working across a wide range of genres during the last five years. From creating sonic identities to music and sound for video games, advertising, interactive installations, and short films.

With his act Kloudmen, where he produces electronic bass music designed for big sound systems, Martin has played at various locations over the world, from Fabric in London to Projekt LAB in Poznan and he’s also toured the US. Kloudmen has also been aired on stations such as BBC Radio1 and Swedish P3 over the years. He’s also a frequent collaborator to a range of electronic acts in the Swedish electronic underground scene.

Outside of work, Martin likes to discuss ramen noodles, sidechains in different compressors and mixing in Dolby Atmos.